What you need to do

This is what needs to be done before your dog can be transported to Sweden. (or other countries)

Your dog need a pet passport.
Rabies vaccination at least 22 days before transport. The vaccination is valid one year.

The vaccinations are not valid if the dogs doesn’t have the micro chip at the time of vaccination.
In other words the date of inplant of microchip can’t be after the date of vaccination.

Your dog need the following vaccinations:
DHPPI and Lepto, including booster vaccines at least 2 weeks apart.
The dog can travel 2 weeks after the booster vaccination.
Wormtreatment with Drontal plus.

Vet exam the day before departure.

Dogs, with kennel cough, diarrhoea, any sign of infection etc will not be accepted on the transport.
Your dog need to be completely healthy to travel.

Balai cert on the day or day before departure.

A collar that the dog can’t back out of if he/ she gets scared.

We also need height of you dog from ground to top of head while standing up.

Address for invoice.

Phone number for person leaving the dog in Ireland.
Phone number for person meeting the dog in Sweden.

Please send a booking request here.